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You're about to discover the secrets of how to acquire your own aristocratic Title of Nobility or Knighthood - finally revealed here!

Royal and Noble Titles and Knighthood from The Duchy of Bohemia


Throughout history, noble titles carried with them the cachet of prestige and power. Formerly only passed down from one generation of a titled noble house to the next, these signs of success and status can now be obtained by the few that know these previously closely guarded insider's secrets. Will YOU be one of the few to obtain a Title of Nobility and join the aristocracy?

Are YOU ready to Step Far Above the Crowd and be That Somebody Special Everyone Else Looks Up To With Envy? If You Act Quickly, This is Your Chance to Become Enobled with an Aristocratic Title such as Baron, Viscount, Count or Marquis or a Knighthood carrying the right to use "Sir" or "Dame" before your name. Then You Can Take Your Rightful Place In Society And Become So Much More - And with a Title of Nobility, You'll Be Looked Up to as A Person With Real Status and Prestige.


While in past ages you could only obtain a title by birth or special favor from a reigning monarch, today (if you act now) you can now get your own title of nobility, such as Sir or Dame (as a knight), or Baronet, Baron, Viscount, Count or Marquis.

Now you can enjoy the many benefits of one of history's most exclusive yet affordable status symbols.

And you'll quickly discover that once you have a title, you too can be one of that select few known as a Lord or Lady, a Knight with "Sir" or "Dame" before your name, or one of the other favored ranks of the nobility such as Baron, Viscount, Count or Marquis.


WHY is the Duchy of Bohemia willing to grant YOU a noble and aristocratic Title such as Baron, Viscount, Count or Marquis?

Because taxes are anathema to the Duchy of Bohemia, and because the Duchy does not assess or collect any imposts, ad valorum or taxes, revenue for it's operations is raised in part by the funds received for these titles of nobility to deserving men and women and by other endeavors.

The Duchy has appointed an experienced exclusive Chartered Representative, Clark Consolidated Industries, Inc., to act as its sole authorized Agent in the grant of titles by the Monarch of the Duchy.

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If you're interested in your family name, where your name comes from and what it means, this eBook in popular pdf format is what you're looking for! You'll discover all about patronymic surnames, local and occupational surnames, nicknames, diminutives and SO MUCH MORE!

On top of all that, you'll find out about your hereditary surname, plus "surnames of office" and suffixes too!

And if that isn't enough, you'll also receive a wealth of hearldry information so you can begin to learn more about your family and whether you've got a family crest and/or coat of arms!

In short, you'll receive a WEALTH OF INFORMATION about your family, your ancestor's names and so much more!

This is a MUST if you're interested in your ancestors, how you got your family name and what it means. On top of all that, you simply CAN'T get this anywhere else, because it's written and distributed ONLY by the College of Arms and Heraldry of the Duchy of Bohemia and Clark Consolidated Industries, and NOT SOLD anywhere else!


DO IT YOURSELF GENEALOGY eBook...Everybody wants to know about their family origins, their ancestors, where they came from and how you got your family name, and what it means. With this FREE $17.89 PDF eBook, you'll be ready to do your own research, trace your family's origins and learn all about your ancestors! Save time and money while researching your own family genealogy and history if you win this auction!

Now YOU can start on the path to finding out exactly who your ancestors were...Where they lived; what they did for a living; and lots of other exciting details about your family's history.

Genealogy is defined as 'an account of the descent of a person or family through an ancestral line', is a high faluting description of what, to the rest of us, is known simply as 'tracing the family tree'. Plus you'll quickly be on your way to finding a wealth of collectible interests emerging amongst a public ever eager to get their hands on anything connected with the past: old postcards, postage stamps, paper ephemera, 1950s and '60s memorabilia - and family trees! It seems that today we are not content to know just how our ancestors lived - YOUR ancestors, namely those whose genes, characteristics and hereditary behavior are the sum result of your very being.

Today, many of you are eager to trace your own family histories, but you don't know where to start. That's why you need The Genealogy Guide! The Genealogy Guide is like a complete course in tracing family histories. Inside you will learn:

* Where To Begin-Getting Organized

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* Putting Your Information Together

* 99 Great Online Genealogy Resources

Beginning your family research back in time with the knowledge you need to do it right will make the process easier and more enjoyable. Once you have read The Genealogy Guide you will be able to research your families history like a professional.

* You will literally have access to Billions of online records more than 80% of them are free! These include:

* Free Software

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* Massive Databases of 8 Million Records each or more

* Details you can not find anywhere else

With this valuable resource tool, you'll quickly be on your way to finding the real links that you need to do the research. Also since this is in PDF format you can use this book with any Internet Connected Computer to connect directly to the many sites references and perform searches in real time.

The references include War Records, Immigration Records to many countries and from every country, Census links to many Nations, Historical Documents from around the Globe, Complete Newspaper references, Death Records, Marriage Records, Church Records, Government Records of every kind and so much more.

You could spend years looking through these references and never run out of new information to find or reveal about almost anything you can imagine. If you are drawn to discovering your family's history thru Genealogy, this is a MUST HAVE resource.


THE MANUAL OF HERALDRY Adobe PDF eBook. You'd pay $19.95 or more for this great work...and you'll discover all the hidden secrets of heraldry, coats of arms and so much more. But it's only yours FREE if you're the winning bidder! When you open this book you will find 8 complete chapters that cover much more than just the basics of heraldry. Here's what's included in this Free Bonus Item:.

* Origin of the Coat of Arms

* Various styles of Arms

* Lines used in parting the fields on a coat of arms

* Honorable Ordinaries

* Subordinate Ordinaries

* Charges used and the rules of Heraldry

* The order of precedence

* Dictionary of Heraldry Terms

And in each and every one of these sections or chapters you will find a mass of details that answer any and every major question you might have about heraldry. You'll quickly agree that this is simply one of the very best books ever written on the subject you've ever seen!


If you order TODAY, we'll also include a Special Guide showing you "How to Get The Most from Your Title" - see details just below on this $19 value you'll receive Free if you take action and obtain your Title today. You'll see how to add your title to your driver's license, your bank account...even details about your passport and lots more to.

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  • Hand-Signed Deed of Title Grant

  • Hand-Signed Letters Patent granting your title

  • The Above Documents provided on large (14" x 17") Parchment style paper ready to frame

  • Hand-Signed Certificate of Authenticity

  • Hand-Signed Apostille from The Duchy of Bohemia

  • Handsome Document Holder Embossed with Duchy's Emblem in Gold

  • Information on How To obtain your Coat of Arms

  • Exclusive information on rare commissions in the Duchy of Bohemia Royal Guard

  • Insider's information on orders and the "jewels of the order" and the Medals and Medallions of the Duchy of Bohemia

  • AND if you act before the expiration date shown, you'll also get the Free Bonus Items valued at $156.57


Pictured above is just SOME of everything you'll receive...

This picture of documents included with your Complete Title Grant Kit just can't do justice to their beauty and prestige!


First, (1) select the title you wish to acquire from the drop-down list, then (2) enter the Full Name and Gender of the person for whom the title will be granted in the box as indicated, then (3) click on the "Buy Now" button! It's as simple as 1-2-3.



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You'll be thrilled to know that a knighthood or aristocratic title of nobility is something that can pay for itself...QUICKLY. Plus, it's is something that you can have and display with pride for the rest of your life, then pass to your heir by primogeniture. And it can also open many doors for you, both  socially - as well as in the world of business.

Can you think of anything else, no matter it's price, that can bring you all these rewards?


We recommend that before you obtain a Title of Nobility from ANYONE (including us) that you do your "due diligence" and we make it easy: just do a Google or Yahoo search for "Duchy of Bohemia" then verify the facts for yourself!  If the others won't give you this opportunity to get all the facts first, BEFORE you buy from them, ask yourself "Why Not?"


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Think About How Your Own Aristocratic Title of Nobility or Knighthood Can Bring So Many Great Positive Changes To Your Life

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 And're not just acquiring a noble'll also get many other benefits:

You'll get more rewards, prestige and the kind of lifestyle and respect only available to the titled nobility  - you can expect the price of your title to be repaid easily with all the benefits you can expect.

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The following titles are currently being offered at the special prices shown. NOTE: all prices include shipping & handling by USPS Priority Mail; orders out of the USA sent by International Priority Mail.

Knight of the Order of the Bohemian Empire, OBE (Available for both Men "Sir" and Women "Dame")

$299.97 USD 

Baronet of the Duchy of Bohemia (Baronetess for the Lady)

$299.97 USD 

Baron of the Duchy of Bohemia (Baroness for the Lady)

$397.73 USD

Viscount of the Duchy of Bohemia (Viscountess for the Lady)

$397.73 USD

Count of the Duchy of Bohemia (Countess for the Lady)

$397.73 USD

Marquis of the Duchy of Bohemia (Marquise for the Lady)

$397.73 USD

All you have to do to get your Title of Nobility or Knighthood is click on the link below for the appropriate title. Be sure to select the title you wish to acquire from the drop-down list, then enter the Full Name and Gender in the box below for the documents to be prepared and your title  issued properly.



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Do YOU have questions about the various titles of nobility? Do YOU wonder "What's the difference between a Baronet and a Baron?" Are YOU curious about the difference between a Count and an Earl? Do YOU want to know about noble titles, what they are, how they came to be and which titles rank higher than others?

We've prepared a special Free Report "All About Titles of Nobility" and you can get your own copy of this informative FREE REPORT to answer your questions. To claim your copy of this exciting Free Report series that strips away the time shrouded mysteries and gives you all the informative facts about these historic titles of nobility, all you have to do is just fill in your first name and primary email address in the box below, then click "submit" but claim yours NOW while copies of this Free Report are still available.

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