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Dear Friend and Diesel Owner:

You've just got to have this brand new BIG report just released by JK&S division of Clark Consolidated's crammed full of the most important information any diesel owner has ever seen.

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But first, let me tell you what this ISN'T:

This is NOT the same tired old stuff about attaching magnets to your fuel line, putting extra air pressure into your tires, some screwball thing that goes into your air cleaner, or some "glop" you pour into your fuel tank.

What this IS is something we expect the big oil interests and international petroleum cartels to be breathing down our necks about...and soon. See, they DON'T WANT YOU TO HAVE THESE SECRETS of how you can be running on diesel fuel for only pennies a gallon!

In fact, if you learn from the past, you already know the legends about the carburetor that got 100 miles per gallon, only to have the big oil companies step in, buy up the patent, then make it "disappear forever" so YOU couldn't get your hands on one at any price - and all so Big Oil could keep making their obscene profits at your expense!

And by the way, this information we've got waiting to rush to you ISN'T some contrived theoretical B.S. that you can't use without your own "Mr. Wizard" rocket science laboratory at home. In fact, even if you don't have much mechanical ability at all, that won't matter a bit!

Another thing: this ISN'T bio-diesel. It's true, if you've got a Ph.D. in chemistry, and if you're willing to work with dangerous chemicals like caustic lye and eyeball melting methanol, you can brew up biodiesel at home, IF you're willing to take those risks, but that's NOT what we're talking about here.

What this IS is simply the most important information any diesel owner that's tired of paying through the nose for over-priced fuel has ever seen...and once you get it, you'll be making your own diesel fuel, fast and easy. And did I mention "cheap - just pennies on the dollar"?

And you can do this just about anywhere in the country, from the smallest town, a farm or homestead, right up to the biggest city too.

At the risk of you thinking I'm a crackpot, I'm going to spill the beans, so here goes...what this is all about is running your diesel on waste restaurant fryer oil!

Don't start laughing at me, because you're going to see for yourself what THOUSANDS are already doing - in fact, it's like an underground movement spreading across the country because of the high prices of diesel fuel.

Whether you're an owner-operator and you drive a truck for a living or if you have a diesel RV or use a diesel hauler to pull your travel-trailer - even just drive your diesel to and from work or around town, you know with today's OUTRAGEOUS DIESEL #2 PRICES, it's PLAIN PAINFUL to fill your tank.

And if you're an owner-operator you know fuel costs are just about the biggest single item in your budget. And if you pull your trailer with a diesel or drive a diesel RV - even if you just commute around town with a diesel car or light truck, you already know what a bite that "store bought diesel fuel" takes out of your wallet - now you're going to find out how to cut your diesel fuel costs to pennies on the dollar!

And that's why thousands of others just like you have already implemented "home brewed diesel fuel" secrets for themselves and have cut their diesel fuel costs to practically nothing. And these thousands of others just like you are already doing this and getting nearly free diesel fuel - now it's your turn. And believe me, THIS IS THE REAL DEAL" not some crack-pot scheme.

But you don't have to take my word for it. True, I ALREADY KNOW there are tons of people running their diesels on waste vegetable oil, but maybe you've never heard of this before, or maybe you don't know how many people are doing this, or how easy it is?

Here's what the news media and some of the people actually doing this - those using waste restaurant fryer oil in their clean-running diesels - have to say about running their own diesels on the processed waste oil they get for free:

Jonathan Platt fuels up on FREE vegetable oil for his diesel

Jonathan Platt says he is saving about $6,000 a year running waste oil in his diesel. But it is not a totally free ride. "You do have to go pick it up. You've got to bring it home. You've got to warm it and filter it. That's it. But if you're driving a large vehicle like I am, a big Ford pickup, or even a Mercedes diesel or a Volkswagen and you want to save money, there it is."

Here's what David Champion, a Consumer Reports tester said about a waste veggie oil diesel Consumer Reports set up then put through its paces on the test track and on the highway. It turns out the Jetta runs just as well on cooking oil as it does on diesel fuel. As for fuel economy..."It goes as far on a gallon of french-fry oil as it does on a gallon of diesel. But, of course, the french-fry oil is a lot cheaper," said Champion.

David Henri's VW diesel runs on waste vegetable oil

David Henri says "I converted my 1981 diesel VW Rabbit to run on free waste vegetable oil from restaurant fryers. I get an exhilarating feeling of freedom from going down the road running on this renewable fuel."

David says a couple of things he likes about running on waste vegetable oil instead of expensive diesel fuel are "It isn't tainted by Big Oil lobbies and campaign contributions. It keeps money from going to the Middle East…waste vegetable oil is a very economical fuel to use."

The Associated Press in a news story titled "Grease Is The Word For Car Economy" says "(AP) As the nation grapples with pumped-up gas prices, car owners are turning to their favorite restaurants for a solution: recycled vegetable oil. veggie cars are also a great way to save some cash."

Etta Kantor uses waste restaurant vegetable oil to fuel her blue Volkswagen Jetta, and says "Oh, I zip around town, go fast on highways. It's not any different," said Kantor, 58, of Weston, Connecticut. Kantor is hoping to start her own small (vegetable oil) distribution center so she and others won't have to rely so heavily on restaurants for fuel.

"You know that expression, 'If you build it, they will come.' Well, if we make it accessible, people will use it," Kantor said.

Bridgeport resident Aaron Schlechter, says he picks up about 30 or 40 gallons twice a month from a local restaurant. He uses it to fuel his car for his 170-mile commute every day to his job as an environmental consultant in Staten Island, N.Y.

The Healing Waters Band runs its diesel tour bus on waste oil, and said this about their diesel fuel costs on a recent seven-week tour across the country "We only spent $200 that would have normally cost us about $1,200, and we probably could have done it all for free if we kept stopping (at restaurants)," said Tony Thorpe, 34, a bassist and vocalist for the band.

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Now, like Jonathan Platt says above, you DO have to do a little work. After all, you're dreaming if you think the sky is going to open and free diesel fuel will magically flow down from above into your tank, without you having to do anything.

You do need to gather the free waste restaurant fryer oil, then you do need to process it, but that's not hard, especially when you've got our easy to do, illustrated step by step guide that shows you how to do it.

In fact, once you're armed with our easy illustrated Step-By-Step Report, and the $89.92 worth of free goodies we're going to give you with it, it'll be just like you've got your own Home Oil Well pumping out your free oil, and your own Home Refinery getting it ready to run in your diesel.

After all, the greedy oil companies have THEIR own oil wells and refineries - so why shouldn't you? And once you get our easy to use materials, that's just what you can have, quickly and easily, right at your own home!

Sure, there are a few minor adjustments and "tweaks" you may have to make, especially if you run in cold climates, but would that stop you from saving THOU$AND$ in diesel fuel costs? Especially when we spell these out for you in easy to follow step-by-step instructions?

Look, here's the bottom line: you'll have to do a little work (that's what our country is founded on), but when you think about how much you paid the last few times you filled your tank with fuel, isn't it worth it to declare your own independence from high foreign diesel fuel prices?

This is a good spot to show you exactly what you'll get and the $89.92 of FREE BONUS ITEMS we've got for you, but only if you act NOW before the big petroleum companies come looking for us and "make us an offer we can't refuse" to keep us from giving you these secrets:

You get our big, EASY to use step-by-step manual that shows you WHAT to do and HOW to do it, but that's not all you get if you act NOW, you'll also get these free valuable bonus items:

BONUS #1: You get $20.00 in "diesel dollars" you can use just like cash with us;

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BONUS #4: You also get a 3-Month "Free Test Drive" to "The Diesel Driver's Hotsheet" R-U-S-H-E-D to you by First Class Mail each month...the country's only monthly newsletter that's a MUST HAVE for anyone that drives a diesel and is interested in saving BUCKETS OF MONEY on diesel fuel, running on waste vegetable oil and keeping more of their own dollars, instead of handing them over to the international petroleum cartels.

Here's what you'd have to pay if you could get these bonus items (but they're not available anywhere else):


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By now you're probably wondering "So what will this cost me?" The real bottom-line is it won't cost you anything because it'll pay for itself over and over again, but you'll still be glad to know the low price for everything, the report and your free $89.92 worth of bonus items is only $19.97 as part of this special marketing test.

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YOUR 1-YEAR NO RISK GUARANTEE #2: Even if you're crazy enough to send it back after a year for a refund and keep over-paying the Big Oil Companies for your diesel fuel, YOU GET TO KEEP THE $89.92 worth of bonus items!

This unprecedented Full Year Double Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee means you have absolutely no risk - you have nothing to lose...your "worse case can't lose scenario" is you get to keep the $89.92 worth of bonus items as our gift to you, at our expense, just for trying it out - and you get a full year to do it!

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How can we make this unprecedented offer? That's simple - because WE KNOW IT WORKS! And soon, just like the people above who are already doing this, you will too when you're making your own "almost free" diesel fuel for pennies on the gallon and grinning from ear to ear as you drive by truck stops and gas stations watching those poor victims of the Big Oil Companies in pain paying for what you're getting almost free.

And here's the best part: This entire package is available to you as instant download pdf documents - you can get them anytime, in just minutes - even if it's 2:00 A.M. on weekends or holidays!

goods and services provided by Clark Consolidated Industries Inc.-JK&S


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